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I continue to hear from many collectors through my website and encourage you to write me if you have any questions or comments. I'm now tying up the loose ends of my long career in etching, but I continue to sell individual etching initials from "Alice's Alphabet" as well as some of my limited edition etchings (contact me for pricing). I'm now slowly transitioning to gouache (opaque watercolor) painting. If you'd like me to add your email and/or 'snail mail' addresses to my list, drop me a line at

I feel fortunate to have been a working artist ever since leaving UCLA in 1971. My work has spanned several media over many years:

1975 – 1981: I designed a line of self-published stationery and note cards that were distributed nationally under the business name Daydream Graphics and professional name, Alice Villanueva Scott.

1976 – 2000: After discovering printmaking while attending UCLA, I started to make etchings. They were carried by a national network of art representatives in about 40 states and are in hundreds of collections across the country. Under the names Alice V. Scott and Alice Scott-Morris, I produced about 225 limited edition etching plates and editions from 1971 until the year 2000 (see my Complete Title List). I also created “Alice’s Alphabet” in 1991, with individual etching initials and posters which I continue to sell.

2007 – 2009: I helped illustrate two books (by Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn) entitled “In This House” and “In This Garden.” They’re both available at

Thanks for your interest and patronage. Contact me if you'd like to replace an etching that's been lost (most of my editions are sold out, but some are still available) or if you need insurance values for any of my etchings you own. I've taken a very long hiatus, but I feel re-inspired to do new work.

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